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For the past 25 years, HK-ENGINEERING has been the
only automotive restoration company worldwide
solely dedicated to restoring Mercedes-Benz 300SLs.
But HK-ENGINEERING is a restoration company unique
in more ways than one.
Specializing in one vehicle only has enabled our
company to amass a vast and unequaled fund of
300SL related knowledge.
The company`s owner, Mr. Hans Kleissl, possesses a
collection of classic vehicles which he cherishes
dearly - being much taken by these cars himself.
To him, classic cars are not only a means of
generating income; it´s more a case of turning
one`s passion into a profession. Naturally, this
also brought about his positive approach to other
classic car enthusiasts and their vehicles.
HK-ENGINEERING is represented internationally as well.
You can find our partners and representatives in nearly
every country of the world. See a complete list of these
under Contacts>Worldnet.
The company`s headquarters are located in the historic
surroundings of a Bavarian monastery rich with tradition.
The estate, owned and restored with years of laborious
loving work by Mr. Kleissl, offers an adequate setting
for our 300SLs.
The name HK-ENGINEERING didn`t come about by chance:
from the very beginning our shop was supervised by an
automotive engineer. This lead to a steady improvement
of our technical performance and numerous technical
We constantly improve our restorative logistics.
Therefore we have now reduced the time needed for a
complete ground-up restoration to about six to nine months.
Since 1997 HK-ENGINEERING has been running its own race
division. In this time it has built 12 SLS type race cars.
While others talk about their technical competence,
we prove ours on the race tracks.
But Hans Kleissl is involved not only in the restoration
of classic cars. He also cares about the social aspect of
our 300SL passion, serving on the board of directors of
the 300SL club of Germany and as chief editor of the
club bulletin.
HK-ENGINEERING offers its clients restoration of nearly
all original parts: from refurbishing old leathers to matching
original body paint. But, of course, we are able to restore
classic Mercedes- Benz vehicles from ground-up as well.
To keep up with the steadily increasing demand, our team
has constantly grown. Today we employ more than 50 people.
In spite of our size, restoring a 300SL will never become an
assembly line operation: each vehicle retains its identity with
all restored parts being returned to the appropriate vehicle.

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